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Ostand is a Mechanical Engineer WV- conveniently located in Charleston, WV. Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in WV, OH and PA. Extensive, responsible charge, experience in the development of both new and existing products.

A valve designer, Ostand has placed major emphasis on valve design, and valve application for industrial valves, fittings and related products. He has been a valve designer with and for major U.S. manufacturers and has 9 US patents related to valve design, with more pending. Products are designed to the appropriate industry standards or practices including ASTM, ANSI, ASME, API, FCI, MSS, NFPA, and TTMA.

The range of valve design products includes hazardous fluid handling (service station fittings, tank truck fittings, aircraft refueling), industrial pressure regulating and control valves, low pressure gas valves, sanitary valves, pressure fittings, instrumentation valves, as well as tank nitrogen blanketing valves (gas or Nitrogen very low pressure, make-up and vent), and tank blanketing systems. Ostand has over 30 years experience as a valve designer and has been engaged by small manufacturers and inventors to put their valve design into a manufacturable product.

Administrative/management functions include creating an engineering and manufacturing operation within a small company. Also, re-evaluation of existing products to confirm compliance with Canadian Registration (CRN) or European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) requirements. Mechanical engineering services; conveniently located in Charleston, WV. Ostand is available as a valve engineer in a consulting arrangement. Ostand also serves as a valve expert witness, in cases involving valve failures, patent conficts, etc.(See the Forensics and Expert Witness page.)

Controlling Vapor Space Pressures on Multiple Tanks During Tank Blanketing, by Paul R. Ostand, P.E.


This new white paper discusses the pitfalls that may be encountered when blanketing several tanks with one gas blanketing valve in a tank blanketing system. The insights presented in this paper may well save thousands of dollars in installation and engineering costs, and prevent poor operation or worse. Applicable to tank blanketing systems and venting for above ground storage tanks (AST).


From the paper: "Operators may experience significant problems in the control of the pressure in the vapor space when using one gas blanketing valve to control the pressure(s) in more than one tank. While such a design can be accomplished, it requires careful attention to several important details."


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API 2000 2009 6th Ed. (ISO 28300:2009)
Tank Blanketing / Venting / Inerting Software Program: TBNow v2(c)
(For API 2000 Calculations: The program calculates above ground storage tank (AST) venting and blanketing gas requirements as defined in API 2000 2009 6th Edition)

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This version of our previous tank blanketing and venting program is an Excel spreadsheet software program plus an informative resource for sizing tank (gas) blanketing applications using the method of API 2000 2009 6th Edition which is identical to ISO 28300:2008. API and ISO have issued this new version, superceding the previous version which was used for many years. Threre are changes in the calculations from the previous versions. To design to the current standard, you would need this program.


The API 2000 calculation program will solve for the volumetric capacities of vents and gas valves to properly gas blanket a tank blanketing system, supplying the proper amount of gas to accommodate liquid outflow or contraction of vapors due to temperature decreases, and to vent the necessary amount of vapor from the ullage space of the tank to accomodate liquid inflow or expansion of vapors due to temperature rise. These are normal breathing conditions. It also provides the information for normal breathing even if blanketing is not used.


The API 2000 Software program also calculates emergency venting for fire exposure and is appropriate for non-refrigerated, above ground tanks (AST), either uninsulated, or fully insulated. If you need to calculate the sizing for tank venting alone, or in combination with a tank gas blanketing system, this program will save you time and pay for itself quickly. The program also will calculate the amount of inert gas required from the blanket valve. The program includes a printout of a blanketing/venting data sheet, and blanketing system drawings. In order to use this program, or for that matter any engineering software, the user must be qualified and familiar with the system, standards and theory. Requires Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice (a free program) or other program compatible with .xls files.


This program calculates based on the equations from API 2000 2009 6th Edition or ISO 28300:2008., which is current as of November 2009. This is program is not from API nor is it endorsed by API.


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Valuable Tech Info!

Industry Awards, Publications & Information
Free information and technical papers on valves and gas blanketing

  Winner of the Flow Control Magazine award for the innovative "97 Series Pad-Depad Tank Blanketing Valve"

FREE Technical Paper!

Tank Blanketing Basics

A brief review of nitrogen (gas) tank blanketing system principles.

Read ISA article on Pad-Depad (make-up and vent) valve.

Well known white papers on venting & tank blanketing systems. An essential guide to approaching gas blanketing projects. Used by many engineers. These are the only non-commmercial, comprehensive papers on inert gas blanketing and tank blanketing system theory, written by an engineer with extensive experience, and a holder of three patents on the subject. We also have a software program for sizing tank gas blanketing and venting by performing API 2000 calculations for AST (above ground storage tanks). If you are designing tank venting and or blanketing, and desire to know more about the theory of gas blanketing you should read these papers. The information is useful when designing to the requirements of API 2000 or ISO 28300:2008 and is a companion to our program TBNow(c).

Purchase the sizing program along with these valuable tank blanketing white papers in pdf format for immediate download to your computer.

While the papers are available in individual parts, we encourage you to look at the description of the entire document to see it's extensive collection of information on this subject. You can find this on the button link to the right.

The information in these white papers may save you far more than their modest cost when you design and implement your gas blanketing installation. Understand the inerting process to your advantage! An important supplement to the program. These are not sales documents; they are engineering papers.

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LATEST WHITE PAPER: Controlling Vapor Space in Multiple Tanks
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TBNow v2© Tank Blanketing Software Program (to API 2000 2009 6th Ed.)
See description above.

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Tank Blanketing:
A Complete Guide for Designers, Installers and Users

by Paul R. Ostand, BSME, P.E.

Part I: The Nature of the Process

Part II: Valves Suitable for Tank Blanketing

Part III: The Importance of Valve Sizing

Part IV: Real World Problems and Solutions

Discounted. All Four White Papers (Parts I thru IV) In one complete document for the price of three. Instant Download. A valuable resource for your venting and gas blanketing issues.
Save money by ordering this option.Includes all four for the price of three.

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  • Parts I-IV, and

  • the additional paper "Controlling Vapor Space Pressures on Multiple Tanks During Tank Blanketing", and
  • ,
    • the program TBNow v2.

    This is the complete set of papers and the program to calculate venting based upon API 2000 2009. All of the details for these are described above.

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